Pictured: the 2023 RPS Composers, recipients of RPS Instrument Purchase Grants, and Quartet Menine, winners of the RPS Philip Jones Brass Prize. These are just some of the performers and composers we have recently been able to support, thanks to RPS Members and charitable donations.


Classical music is a force for good. It speaks to our emotions. It continually leads us to new treasures. We can depend on it to uplift and console us in times of need. Imagine life without it.

You can help us protect and nurture the music and musicians you love – by making a charitable donation or by joining the Royal Philharmonic Society as a Member.

Founded by musicians in 1813, the Royal Philharmonic Society is a registered charity (no. 213693), and has always been at the heart of music, creating opportunities for musicians to excel, championing the vital role that music plays in our lives. We help performers and composers when they can often struggle – with grants, commissions, mentoring and performance opportunities. We help young musicians with insufficient means to acquire the instruments they dearly need to progress. We raise the profile of musical endeavours nationwide through the RPS Awards, and our filmed talks and events, cultivating pride and support for so many artists and initiatives worth discovering.

We can only do this with your help.

There are several ways you can do this.

Donate online
Some people find they are able to make a charitable donation as a one-off gesture or from time to time, and these are greatly appreciated. If you feel able to make a gesture like this, please click ‘donate’ below to find out how your support, however big or small, can make a difference. American supporters can donate through CAF America.

Donate with a cheque
Alternatively, you may prefer to send a cheque for your chosen amount made payable to ‘Royal Philharmonic Society’ to the Royal Philharmonic Society, 48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7BB. If you provide your contact details, we would be so pleased to contact you to acknowledge safe receipt and thank you personally.

RPS Membership
Most people choose to support the charity by becoming an RPS Member, which starts from just £5 a month, and is for music-lovers and music-makers alike.

RPS Membership is an opportunity for you to:

  • make a charitable gesture and show your support for the music and musicians you love
  • fuel your passions, make fresh discoveries, and get closer to what’s happening in classical music today
  • be a valued part of a connected community of music-lovers and music-makers united by a cause

Whether you enjoy listening to music at home, love attending concerts, sing in your local choir, or teach or work in the profession: we’re united by our love of music. Let’s ensure it thrives.

If you would like to talk further to one of our team about supporting the charity, we would be so pleased to hear from you. You can call us on 020 7287 0019 or email us. Thank you kindly for your interest and your support.

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