Classical music will not survive unless we make it something that is essential to our lives… Join the Royal Philharmonic Society if you care about the future of music.” Daniel Barenboim

Since 1813, music lovers have been joining the Royal Philharmonic Society. Their support has facilitated some truly remarkable feats in classical music. They gave the Society the means to establish London’s first regular orchestral series, creating a tradition and moreover an appetite for orchestral concerts that flourishes to this day. They enabled the Society to grant opportunities to performers both established and emerging, many of whom now regard such support as being pivotal to their future success. They also gave the Society the means to commission new music from exceptional composers, and without them, the world might never have heard Beethoven’s Ninth, Mendelssohn’s Italian, and Saint-Saëns’ Organ Symphonies. To this day, the Society continues to support composers, commissioning almost 200 new works since 2000.

One of the distinct features of RPS membership is that it unites music lovers and music makers: whether you simply enjoy listening to classical music on the radio, attend occasional concerts or sing in the local choral society, whether you teach music or conduct your regional concert band, whether you're a second violin or virtuoso soloist or principal singer on the international stage, there are no boundaries to Membership.

By joining the Royal Philharmonic Society, you can join this extraordinary constellation of music lovers who over the last two hundred years have helped classical music to prosper. We can only keep creating opportunities for musicians in need, awarding grants to young artists, commissions to young composers, and workshops to aspiring women conductors, with your help.

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RPS Membership – enjoy the benefits of being a Member from only £5 a month

Corporate Membership – ally your organisation to a venerable royal institution, renowned for its transformative work changing lives with music

The Royal Philharmonic Society is a registered charity, no. 213693.


Lincoln Abbotts, ABRSM: The RPS is a fantastic, entrepreneurial force with which I am proud to be associated. What clearer ambition can there be than to create a future for music?


The Philharmonic Society was founded by professional musicians in 1813 to perform publicly ‘in the most perfect manner possible, the best and most approved music'.