The RPS helps ensure a prosperous future for classical music through the range of opportunities we create for young instrumentalists and performers.

In the current climate, it takes so much more than just exceptional talent to excel. Many talented musicians struggle and even find themselves giving up after years of dedication. We are proud to help them cross such frontiers and set themselves up for lasting success.

"Without the RPS support, my final music studies would not have been possible."
Kristīne Balanas, violinist
"The chance to hear and learn from industry professionals was invaluable for me.”
Freya Waley-Cohen
, composer

At the RPS Music Awards in May, we launched our Annual Appeal to fund the future of music. Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated – so far we have raised over £18,000 but we're determined to get to our £20,000 target by the end of the year.

Young musicians are stretched so hard financially but, with your help, we can continue to provide practical support, instruments, guidance and professional development to those in need.

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Ricardo Castro: International pianist who established a flourishing youth music programme in Bahià, Brazil. Awarded RPS Honorary Membership in 2013.


Queen Victoria attended a Philharmonic Society concert conducted by Mendelssohn in 1844.