Corporate Membership Benefits

Becoming a Corporate Member or a Premier Corporate Member is an excellent way of supporting the future of classical music. Together we will invest in supporting young musicians and composers, and encourage audiences to listen to and talk about great music.

Membership Options

  • Premier Corporate Membership = £1,000 + VAT
  • Corporate Membership = £500 + VAT

Profile and Promotion

  • Receive monthly RPS e-mailing to unlimited staff addresses
  • Dedicated page on RPS website with company logo, name & links
  • Regular social media promotion (Facebook shares & Twitter re-tweets)
  • Text credit in printed publications
  • 'Featured Corporate Member' tile on RPS website (in rotation)
  • Logo and link in 'Our Partners' footer (on all pages of RPS website) *
  • 1 free banner advert space per year in RPS e-mailings *
  • Limited, free, text advert space in RPS e-mailings (eg. Ticket offer, job ad) *
  • RPS MUSIC AWARDS: Text credit in printed event programme (plus logo for Premier Corporate Members)
  • RPS MUSIC AWARDS: Credit on plasma screen slides at Awards dinner *

* = Premier Corporate Member benefit only

Networking and Event Discounts

  • RPS MUSIC AWARDS: Priority booking
  • RPS MUSIC AWARDS: Ticket offer 
    • Corporate Members: a pair of tickets at half price
    • Premier Corporate Members: a pair of free tickets (worth £200 each)
  • Invitations to selected RPS events
  • Invitations to VIP events *

* = Premier Corporate Member benefit only

For further enquiries, please contact Alison Pavier, Development Consultant


Cathy Graham, Director of Music, British Council: That classical music has a vibrant future is very important to me. Supporting the RPS allows me to play a small part in ensuring this.


1830: Midsummer Night’s Dream is ‘very beautiful, and encored, but it is awfully, fearfully difficult, so much so that last Saturday morning Mendelssohn was SEVEN hours rehearsing.’