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Classical music will not survive unless we make it something that is essential to our lives… Join the Royal Philharmonic Society if you care about the future of music.”  Daniel Barenboim

From as little as £3/month you can join the society which has been has been at the heart of music since 1813. Click the button below to take a look at our membership options:

We offer a rare depth of support and commitment to young performers and composers, reach out to audiences, and champion excellence in every area of musical life. Our ability to spot and encourage emerging talent means that countless musicians have been given practical and creative support to further their careers at the moment when it is really needed.

By joining the RPS you’ll become one of the extraordinary group of music-lovers and musicians through the years who have helped build a vibrant future for music. Our vision is ambitious, but if you can make even a small regular donation, we will use it to make a difference.

Our work  cannot continue without your help. If you are 'philharmonic' and believe the future of classical music really matters, please join us now.

The RPS is a registered UK charity no. 213693

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Jennifer Bate, organist: My worldwide schedule includes recitals, concertos, recordings, masterclasses and composition. The RPS offers excellent opportunities to meet fellow professionals socially.


In early Philharmonic Society concerts, players often rotated within their orchestral section, reflecting the orchestra's wealth of performing talent as well as its democratic ethos: no ‘distinction of rank’.