Music of Today: Bent Sorenson

Thu 06 Apr 2017 18.00

Royal Festival Hall

Event Price: Free

The Philharmonia’s innovative Music of Today series offers the chance to hear new music. There's no categorising the great Danish composer Bent Sorensen. His is an inimitable style which is both contemporary in language and infused with nostalgic allusions to the past. We present this master of evocative musical storytelling with the brilliant and labyrinthine Minnelieder, the nocturnal and wistful Weeping White Room, and his classic The Deserted Churchyards, described by composer Karl Aage Rasmussen as “a flickering, glittering world ... pervaded with memories, wisdom of experience and old dreams”. Kwamé Ryan conductor
Philharmonia OrchestraSorenson The Deserted Churchyards Sorenson The Weeping White Room Sorenson Minnelieder - Zweites Minnewater Music of Today is supported by the Royal Philharmonic Society.